Coaching in Education

Putting Well-Being at the Heart of Education


Organisational Coaching for School Leaders

 Would you like to create an authentic, thriving culture in your school which has wellbeing, empowerment and coaching at the heart?

Are you working with colleagues who are overwhelmed, overanxious, disengaged or on the edge of burnout? Do you have staff who are bottling up issues that could be affecting their performance at work? Do you, as a leader, feel you never get the time or space to stop and think? Do you feel you shoulder the burden everyone else's problems with the aim of trying to protect your staff?

Through our work together I help you to create a culture where staff feel confident, competent and a valued part of the team; therefore creating an environment where your children can thrive.

There are currently a number of ways to work with me which can be combined as a bespoke package for your
1) 1:1 Coaching - for any number of identified staff who would benefit. 

2) Coach training for leaders to lead in a more coach-like way. 

3) Coach training for whole school staff on how staff and children can benefit from better listening and more asking rather than telling. 

4) Bespoke Leadership Days - Solution focused coaching for your leadership team to ensure school improvement planning is evidence based, aspirational and rooted in your core purpose.

How Coaching Can Help

Find out how Coaching can help your school thrive!

How Coaching Can Help

  • Enabling the best outcomes for all pupils through developing motivated and valued leaders and staff who are able to effectively manage themselves and their workload and be more present in their role. 
  • Creating the space for leaders to develop a clear, solutions-focused approach to school improvement - along with providing the accountability, time and space to evaluate and review this regularly. 
  • Developing the skills of independence and self-sufficiency in teams and individuals, therefore moving away from a culture of dependency on Senior Leaders. 
  • Providing leaders and staff with a non-judgmental space to be listened to, therefore allowing potentially impactful concerns to be addressed before they reach a point of overwhelm. 
  • Allowing leaders and staff to identify what's preventing them from being where they want to be personally or professionally, and develop their own solutions and strategies to move forward. 
  • Enabling leaders and staff to reignite their passion for the job and enjoy coming to work.

What Does This Mean For Us?

Working in this way to foster positive, authentic and sustainable change will enable you to achieve strategic objectives, enhance leadership capability, and create the culture you desire.

The Detail

An initial meeting to assess your needs is always a great way to start and this is provided free of charge. It is hugely beneficial for the leadership team to have first hand experience of 1:1 coaching before embarking on a culture change so this is usually a great place to start. Leadership Team Group Coaching and coach training can be done alongside individual coaching or as standalone sessions. It is also useful to map out an initial progression plan together which we can use as a working document. Please feel free to ask any specific questions relevent to you and your organisation.

A Bit About Me

I'm Laura and I'm an ICF trained, integrative coach, specialising in enabling school leaders and staff to prioritize their wellbeing at work and get the outcomes they desire.

My Background

Having worked in schools for 20 years, 12 of which as a Deputy Head Teacher, I am acutely aware of the demands and pressures which teaching staff face both personally and professionally. 

Upon completing my initial degree in Psychology, I always retained a keen interest in people and what they require to be able to feel and perform at their best. Entering Senior Leadership at the age of 28, as a Deputy Head Teacher, meant that I quickly gained experience in mentoring, providing feedback and supporting school staff in all aspects of their work. It was only when I discovered coaching, however, that I realised the potential to develop staff in a much more holistic way and to unlock their true capabilities and capacity. 

My passion is two-fold; to enable the amazing individuals who enter the teaching profession to thrive and enjoy their work whilst feeling supported and valued, and to develop schools in which staff are empowered to take personal responsibility for achieving their goals rather than waiting to be told what to do.