Developing Your Team of Confident, Competent and Passionate Leaders.
Getting the Best Outcomes for All Your Children and Staff.

Laura Pugh Leadership Coaching

Hi, I’m Laura 

I help school leaders (like you!)...

Develop a staff that can confidently and competently solve their own problems (freeing you up to focus on what really matters).

Revive people’s passion for their role so they can genuinely give their all without feeling like you’re dragging them along with your vision.

Go from 'chief problem fixer' and 'It's easier to do it myself' to creating a team you can truly trust to make independent decisions that work.

Maximise on the 'breath of fresh air' wins you already have in pockets of your staff to create a truly thriving school culture.

Why I can help

I’m a…

  • Qualified, ICF Integrative Coach with an intrinsic passion for people development.
  • A Psychology geek, disguised as a Deputy Headteacher, who uses research-based coaching techniques and neuroscience to turn traditional school approaches into bespoke, fresh systems which truly get the best from your staff and the best for your children.
  • Person who cares passionately about school leadership and getting it right for our staff and our children.

" Please get coaching for your staff. The protected time is highly beneficial and I wish I could continue to get more coaching and hope to do so in the future. "

Oliver Woods, Senior Leader

"Coaching is well worth the experience - it is a bit like a realisation or an awakening "

Nils Hanson, SENCo

My Coaching Approach:

Provides leaders and staff with a non-judgmental space to be listened to, therefore allowing potentially impactful concerns to be addressed before they reach a point of overwhelm.

Enables leaders and staff to identify what's preventing them from being where they want to be personally or professionally, and develop their own solutions and strategies to move forward.

Develops motivated and confident leaders and staff who are able to effectively manage themselves and their workload and be more present in their role.

Allows teams and individuals to maximise their skills of independence and self-sufficiency - moving away from a culture of dependency on Senior Leaders.

Provides leaders with their own toolbox to solve problems such as managing difficult converations, gaining ‘buy in’ from your team and what to do when staff don’t do as you’ve asked.

Enables leaders and staff to reignite their passion for the job and enjoy coming to work.

"I went into our first session unsure of what I wanted to work on but within the hour Laura was able to support me to recognise how I could be more me and get to where I wanted to be at work. Within one session I was able to recognise some of the elements that were holding me back and make a plan to act on them. I am looking forward to what I can achieve in the coming weeks through coaching with Laura."

Samantha Grime - Assistant Headteacher

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